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My sister’s friend Emma was dared to submit to this blog, beautiful Emma, thank you and thank you for including your face. I used to babysit Emma when she was younger and she was always the cheeky tomboy (I know she won’t mind me saying). You’re certainly all grown up now. I’m sure to blush the next time I see you, hope you like my cock pics as much as I like you’re stunning pussy.

As I’m gonna go a bright shade of red when we next meet I may as well make it even more worthwhile. Seeing your beautiful shaved pussy has turned me on like you wouldn’t believe, as you’re now old enough for me to legally fancy the pants off you and as my wife has given me the freedom to “explore” for a while; would you like to go out some time? A few drinks and then, if the mood arises, a night of steamy, unbridled passion?

UPDATE: going out with Emma tonight, had a lovely message from her, very shy and coy before suggesting we do sex and then drinks, oh ok Emma if you insist. Wow, I’m actually quite smitten, oh I forget, she’ll actually read this.



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